Who will be first Iowa Bicycle Friendly Business?

The September/October issue of American Bicyclist arrived in the mail just the other day, bringing news of 13 companies that have earned “Bicycle Friendly Business” status. Four companies achieved gold status, three silver and six bronze.

It would be great to see some Iowa businesses on the list next time around. Think of the benefits in terms of company image, employee recruiting and retention, employee health, reduced carbon footprint.

Who will be the first in Iowa? The first in the Technology Corridor? In Cedar Rapids?

Will it be your employer? The company you run?

Somebody go for it. Details right here.

Pedal on.

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1 Response to “Who will be first Iowa Bicycle Friendly Business?”

  1. 1 John Schnipkoweit June 2, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    We are deep into development of a new eco friendly product line, and already seeing the need for bicycle facilities for our employees. We are currently expanding our office (restoring a 100 year old building, using reclaimed materials) and we are incorporating some bicycle facilities into the overall design. Looks like we have until July 10th to apply – hopefully our renovation is complete by then, so we can maximize our points!

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