Missing the hills of Stone City?

Confession: I’ve been “bicycling” indoors much more than outdoors lately, if you can call being in a spinning class bicycling. (You really can’t, but it does make for a good workout.)

That’s probably why I’ve spent more time thinking about what I enjoy about bicycling than I might otherwise. I miss it.

Some ruminations about Stone City over at my iowanice blog if you’re interested. Click here to get there.

Remember, hills are our friends.

Pedal on.

1 Response to “Missing the hills of Stone City?”

  1. 1 art sibold November 23, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    Stone City hill – that seems like a long way for a November ride, yet I spent the same amount of time riding downtown to Quaker Oats and back, today. As part of my trip, I stopped by Roasters coffee shop for some fresh beans.

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