Where were you November 4? Tweetisphere and environs

Off the bike:

Someone asked me the other day: Where were you the night of Nov. 4?

Some people were in pretty memorable places, such as Chicago’s Grant Park, when they heard Barack Obama would become president.

Alas, Mrs. Smith and I were simply at home in front of the TV, as I suspect most people were. Technology-addicted geek that I have become, however, also in front of me was my notebook computer, where I watched things unfold on Twitter.com and I’m not sure how many other websites. One was a gazetteonline live blog. (I was a little dismayed by some of the namecalling and incivility by the mostly anonymous guests.)

Between clicking from tab to tab on my computer screen, getting up to let the dog out and back in, and using the TV remote control to switch between the broadcast networks and cable news channels, I did my best to keep informed and on top of things. Was someone counting on me to do this? No. Was it fun? Must have been.

It wasn’t exactly exhilarating, as I suppose being in Grant Park would have been, but it was interesting and ultimately even overwhelming.

There was too much information. It got to be too much work for little reward. I’m something of a news junkie, but I guess I found my limits. Right after Obama was declared the winner, I shut everything off except for the TV and the dog.

Next time: Another live blog and its aftermath.

Pipio, ergo cogito sum. I tweet, therefore I think I am.

It’s a Twitter thing.


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