CEMAR Trail construction expected to start in summer 2010

The Cedar Rapids Parks Department’s rep at the HBA annual fall meeting followed up as promised and asked the Public Works Department for an update on the CEMAR Trail. My question was about when trail construction would actually start. We heard some time ago that at least part of that trail had been funded.

This update was provided by Michael Dufoe, project engineer:

This trail section from the Cedar Lake Loop to 29th Avenue NE is currently under design by Anderson-Bogert. We plan on having the alignments set by the end of this year. Once that is complete we will need to go through the Iowa DOT design/bidding process. This is typically an 18-month process. Construction for this phase should begin the summer 2010 and should be finished by Fall 2010 or possibly Spring 2011.

We will begin design of the final phase to connect to Marion in Fall 2009 as long as funding is available. If everything goes as planned, the completed CEMAR trail to Marion should be done by Fall 2011 to Summer 2012.

From where I sit, a few blocks from where the CEMAR Trail will intersect 29th St. NE and then cross First Avenue, the trail can’t get done soon enough. It will provide quick access to the Cedar Lake Loop and the Cedar River Trail and downtown C.R.

More people who live in the NE neighborhoods will pedal, walk or skate to those connecting trails rather than drive to them, as many do now. They’ll spend time and money downtown. When CEMAR is completed all the way to Marion, it will be an even more valuable and attractive link in our trails network.

Someone else at that HBA meeting asked about nasty bumps at a bridge just north of 42nd Street NE on the Cedar River Trail. Gail Loskill reports back:

Two Parks and Recreation staff has looked at it. There has been some settling since it was constructed. Staff is currently putting together costs and we will look at how it will fit within our budget.

For now, be careful getting on that bridge from either direction. Ditto for the bridge between Collins Road and Blairs Ferry Road.

No word yet on the question about the Edgewood Road trail.

For more on trails, be sure to visit www.linncountytrails.org.

Pedal on.

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  1. 1 art3 November 17, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    I agree that those bumps are prominent. I just slow down to 3 mph (my speed going uphill anyway), and ease across each bridge.

    The culvert underneath County Home Road used to have some bumps, and it looks like the county sanded or ground-down the concrete. Now the transition between the trail and the culvert floor is pretty smooth!!!

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