If Slovenia can do this, we can do “complete streets,” says Lu Barron

…speaking of bicycling:

This showed up in my inbox today, from Linn County Supervisor Lu Barron, who ran unopposed for the District 1 supervisor spot. (I added the links.)

To My Cycling Friends,

We were recently in Ljublana, Slovenia, population 265,000 and I took this picture. It actually is a bike path in the middle of a pedestrian sidewalk in their downtown. If they can do that surely we can adopt a complete streets policy.

Have a great day and be sure to vote.

Bike path in Slovenia

Bike path in Slovenia

To Lu:

I agree. Surely we can. The sooner the better.

Had a great day. Voted, yes.

Thanks for the picture.

Polls are still open, but I’m sticking my neck out and declaring you the winner. Congrats.

Pedal on.

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