Supervisor candidates’ views in on making roads safer for bicycling

Linn County supervisor candidates Houser, Erceg and Rosenthal came through with their responses to this question:

If you are elected, what will you do to make our roads safer for the bicycling public?

A reminder asking them to respond by midnight Saturday seemed to do the trick. (The other candidates responded earlier.)

Caution: While they all responded, not everyone directly addressed the question.

For example, Jim Houser mostly talked about his support for trails before adding something about wide shoulders. Mr. Erceg maintains that our county roads are mostly gravel and therefore unsuitable for bicycling. (Huh?)

Mr. Rosenthal’s response was similar to some others, focusing on bike lanes.

I should note that some who have studied bicycling would dispute the assumption that bike lanes improve safety. More on that another time.

The candidates’ responses aren’t likely to change anyone’s mind about how to cast their vote on Election Day. Don’t be surprised, however, if the winners are asked on occasion what they’re actually doing to make our roads safer.

Click here to see the candidates’ responses.

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