Replacing the daily paper read a puzzling situation

Speaking of newspaper subscriptions and declining circulation, our bill for the Cedar Rapids Gazette arrived in the mail yesterday. Said arrival prompted some more thinking about how Mrs. Smith and I use the print edition and how we would cope if (when?) it disappears.

For my part, I’m content to get most of my news online or by surfing cable channels.

What’s more, a little research shows I can easily buy The Everything Crossword and Puzzle Book for Mrs. Smith and The Little Black Book of Sudoku for myself for about $20. (That’s if you buy new rather than used, and why would anyone buy used crossword puzzles?)

That’s hundreds of puzzles for about a third less than the newspaper costs for six weeks, not to mention a whole lot less paper to recycle.

We’ll have $9 more every six weeks to buy oatmeal or maybe a couple of pints of Guinness.

OK, make that a pint for me and a glass of wine for Mrs. Smith. She will certainly miss reading the ink-and-paper obits in the morning.

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