Linn supervisor candidates cite bike lanes, education; some don’t respond

It’s been several days since I asked candidates for Linn County supervisor to respond to the question:

If you are elected, what will you do to make our roads safer for the bicycling public?

So far, six of the nine candidates have answered. Their responses seem to indicate that most of them recognize the need to do something, and most specifically mentioned that bike lanes should be added. Education of motorists and cyclists is another common theme. Click here to see the responses.

Of the three that have not answered the question so far, only Eric Rosenthal actually did respond to my e-mail. He cited a family problem that was occupying his time and he hoped to provide information at some point. It was nice that he acknowledged the question.

John Erceg and James Houser offered no response at all, despite follow-up messages I sent to them. Of course, they have no obligation to answer my questions, but ignoring them actually is a response. I take it to mean that they do not share my concern and will do nothing at all to address it if elected.

I’m particularly disappointed to not hear from incumbent Houser, but he has ignored cycling-related questions I have sent him in the past. This tells me he doesn’t feel the need to respond to the people who elected him.

I’d love to hear differently before Election Day.

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