C.R. convos on “city of the future” start Tuesday, 10/28

Post revised 10/25/08:

Emy Sautter Downey, ecospirituality coordinator at the Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center in Hiawatha, passed along this info about a series of “Community Conversations” organized by C.R. Council members Tom Podzimek and Pat Shey.

Councilmember Podzimek and [Shey] are scheduling a series of “Community Conversations” to talk about how we can not only rebuild the city and its neighborhoods, but how we can achieve our goals with a focus on sustainability, connectivity, life-cycle costs and truly create “the city of the future.”  As we look to rebuild this city, we look to improve, and consider how we design, what we design – and how we can implement more sustainable practices in landscaping, architecture, community planning, and public infrastructure and neighborhood development.

We are very pleased to have Paul Brown, of San Diego, CA. as our first speaker.  Mr. Brown is a member of the architecture firm Camp Dresser & McKee, based in Cambridge, Mass.  Mr. Brown is the president of CDMs Public Service Group and is a world-renowned expert on greening cities, urban sustainability, and smart growth.  Mr. Brown’s has a series of podcasts on “Cities of the Future.”  From CDM’s website :

“As cities experience increases in urban population, and residents return to downtown areas, public officials and the citizens they serve are looking for creative approaches to quality of life, create economic opportunities, and provide for vital amenities, like open space for recreation and outdoor activities-all while enhancing the natural environment.  While this collaboration takes many forms, there are three areas where CDM is driving changes to create the sustainable infrastructure and environmental improvements that distinguish cities of the future by finding opportunities to create community benefits in each project; working across institutional barriers to create collaborative approaches; and restoring former industrial sites and waterfronts to improve the urban landscape.”

CDM’s podcasts are available at http://www.cdm.com/knowledge_center/cities_of_the_future.

Camp Dresser McKee is a architecture-firm with 4000 employees and 100 offices worldwide.

Every two weeks, we will schedule another lecture. Future topics include neighborhoods of the future, sustainable design, neighborhood revitalization.

Please join us on Tuesday, October 28th at 6:00 PM at Mt Mercy’s Flaherty Hall.

Seating is limited to 135, so please arrive early.

By the way, if you didn’t catch Emy’s opinion piece in Sunday’s Gazette (Land ethic compels community to respect the environment), go back and read it. See Page A13 in the e-edition if you’ve already recycled the paper.

(An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified Emy as one of the “Conversations” organizers.)


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