Cedar Rapids forms advisory committee on bicycling

When Mrs. Smith was invited to join a committee to advise the City of Cedar Rapids on bicycling matters, naturally I was curious. I e-mailed some questions to Deb Stalkfleet in the city manager’s office last night, and she forwarded them to Ron Griffith in traffic engineering.

As Bicycle Coordinator, he’s tasked with pulling the committee together to move the city along toward Bicycle Friendly status. The committee is just getting organized and meets for the first time this Wednesday, Oct. 22, 10:30 a.m. at the Public Works Building. The questions and Ron’s answers follow:

Is this a new committee? If not, how long has it been around? Is information available about its activities?
The Bicycle Advisory Committee is a brand new committee. Our first meeting will be this Wednesday. I have attached a memorandum that was submitted to Council in May of this year. The memorandum is the basis for forming the committee.
Who does it advise?
The committee was established to assist in the preparation of an “Action Plan” with the goal of making Cedar Rapids a more bicycle friendly community. The role of the committee may change, though currently it will advise the Bicycle Coordinator (that’s me). As Bicycle Coordinator I am responsible for presenting an “Action Plan” to the Public Works Director. The Public Works Director will submit the “Action Plan” as an initiative in City Council’s strategic planning process.
What is its purpose?
The committee was established due to City Council’s desire to attain Bicycle Friendly Community status.
How often will it meet?
This will be determined after the first meeting. It’s likely that we will meet at least twice a month initially and then taper off to once a month afterwards.
Who are the members of the committee?
An official list has not been finalized. I’ve attached a list of people that have been invited to the first meeting. If those that have been invited are able to continue as participants then we will be able to finalize the committee listing. We will discuss the size and make-up of the committee at our meeting tomorrow.
When and where are meetings held?
The meetings will be held at the Public Works Building in the south conference room.
Can any member of the public attend?
The public may attend and observe, though there is limited seating in the south conference room. I can’t promise we’ll be that “entertaining”!

I’m not including the list of those invited to participate but am sure the list of those actually participating will be available at some point.

Long way to go, but appointing a Bicycle Coordinator and getting the committee going are important steps.

Pedal on.

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  1. 1 art3 October 22, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    I am interested enough to attend some meetings, even if I have to stand in the back. I’m not looking for entertainment, but I would like to observe how the committee members interact and also observe what kind of vision they have.

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