Nice four-letter words: Micro-news for cyclists?

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As someone with a longtime interest in journalism, I’ve been trying to keep up on what’s happening in that field. “Micro-personal” news seems to be a pretty new concept, which I saw mentioned in this Editor & Publisher column by Steve Outing.

He gives a few examples of things that are news on the “micro” level, personal stories that no media professional is going to cover but that might be shared somehow by individuals involved. He and others say newspapers need to redefine “news” to survive.

Following might be another example of an item that you won’t see elsewhere but could be of at least passing interest to some of my cycling friends (one part of my microcosm, you might say):

Mrs. Smith and I were crossing 42nd St. on our bicycles yesterday when a girl looking out a school bus window said to her: “I love you.”

Usually when people speak to us in those situations, other four-letter words are involved. Oh, and obscene gestures.

Maybe she was just having some fun, but at least it was a nice four-letter word.

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1 Response to “Nice four-letter words: Micro-news for cyclists?”

  1. 1 art sibold October 3, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    it is always an adventure trying to get across 42nd street. my strategy is to get to the center lane, then work on getting to the far side.

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