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As if the world needed another blog, I started another one yesterday called iowa nice.

I know. I can hear the groans now. It’s really corny. We’ll see if that’s a bad thing or a good thing.

I had mentioned on Twitter the other day something about Prairiewoods, where Mrs. Smith works. One of my tweeps (Twitter jargon for someone who gets your messages – your tweets) said it sounded like a nice place. It is a nice place, a largely undiscovered and unappreciated spot sort of hidden away in Hiawatha.

My guess is there are lots of them in Iowa, just as there are plenty of nice people doing nice things.

Once in a while you read about those nice folks in the newspaper in a letter to the editor – usually something like, “Thanks to the stranger who returned my wallet.”

With people helping people after our July floods, there were more good news stories in the news pages, but those stories are written by reporters and edited by editors. I want to see if other folks will share their stories, and in the process get a better idea of what it takes to get them to do so.

So what if there are nice places and nice people elsewhere? They can tell their own stories. I’m not that nice.


I don’t know if I picked the best wordpress theme for iowa nice, and would like to have a better way to display the comments, as long as it’s free. Suggestions more than welcome. (I also discovered I had the comments feature locked down way too tightly and made it easier to comment on iowa nice and on this blog. My bad.)

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