A motorist to avoid, and a white Explorer to find

While driving back to Cedar Rapids from Hiawatha today, southbound on C Avenue, I was momentarily distracted by a motorist passing on my left.

She was thumbing a message on her cell phone’s little keyboard – with both thumbs. She looked up every couple of seconds.

Time for a quick decision. What do you do?

A. Honk (and maybe startle her into an accident)?

B. Yell “Hey lady, put that thing away” (and maybe startle her into oncoming traffic)?

C. Take a picture with my own cell/camera? (I’d probably have an accident myself.)

D. Make a mental note of her IA license plate – 856 RHS – and hope to remember it long enough to write it down at home.

She’s now on my list of Accidents Waiting to Happen.

~ ~ ~

I wonder what the driver of the white Ford Explorer was doing before hitting Jim Orth on his tricycle this morning. Texting? Reading email? Eating breakfast?

If you see such a vehicle with some minor front-end damage that wasn’t there yesterday, call CRPD: 1-800-CR-CRIME.

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