KGAN smarting over whack on nose by Mayor

We may not be a nation of whiners, but KGAN News sure seems to want us to feel sorry for it.

City Hall, Cedar Rapids, IowaImage via WikipediaThe station “broke” the news a few weeks ago that Cedar rapids Mayor Kay Halloran was prone to nodding off during meetings. Now, because its staff was shut out of a “secret meeting” at which Halloran announced her diagnosis of sleep apnea, we’re supposed to feel sorry for CBS2?

Not gonna happen.

Let’s suppose for a moment that Halloran refused the station’s repeated requests for an interview about nodding off because she didn’t like the obnoxious way it went about covering the story. Let’s also assume that leaving the station out of the “secret meeting” was her way of getting even.

Good for her.

No one should have to put up with the bush league stuff these people have been airing in recent weeks. The intent was clearly to embarrass her rather than get to the root of the problem.

Some will say the town’s mayor is fair game. True. By Eastern Iowa standards, however, the station’s reporting was on the level of a grocery store checkout-line tabloid’s: Noisy, lurid and overly self-important.

The snoozing wasn’t exactly a surprise and it certainly didn’t rise to the level of official malfeasance. Apparently the city’s staff and other council members didn’t think it was much of an issue. They’ve covered for her for some time. Surely other citizens – media and non-media types alike – saw her doze off. In two or three meetings I’ve attended, it was obvious she was nodding off.

In fairness, maybe Halloran does owe KGAN a “thank you” for badgering her into seeing her doctor for a sleep test. Now she can deal with the health issue everyone else was ignoring. You sleep better, you perform better. You live longer.

Thanks, Channel 2.

Now, get over it and investigate UFOs or something. No more whining.

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