Lots of “nothing” to do if you pay attention…

It could be that I haven’t paid much attention until recently, but Cedar Rapids has pretty much destroyed my previous thinking that there just wasn’t a heckuva lot going on here. Mea culpa.

As evidence, I submit just my two recent evenings at Greene Square Park, the venue for several of the acts featured in the first annual Landfall Festival of World Music. It’s free (thanks to Legion Arts and some grants from the Iowa Arts Council and Rockwell Collins) although you’ll be asked to kick in a few bucks.

The Munnelly band Monday night.

These two African bands Tuesday night:

Vieux Farka Toure


I won’t pretend to know much about music, but Jimi Hendrix did come to mind at one point Tuesday night (before I saw the comparison on Vieux Farka Toure’s website). “Rebel Woman” Chiwoniso and her band outplayed the freight train that passed by at one point, then sent me in search of an ATM so I could buy my second CD of the night. I almost never buy music.

Check the schedule at www.legionarts.org for more on the Landfall Festival. Also check out Jennifer Hemmingsen’s column in today’s C.R. Gazette (I’d link to it but couldn’t find it online) and www.culturalcorridor.org.

There’s a lot going on ’round here.

Pedal on.

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