Simple isn’t simple, just simply necessary

Part 6…

As is the case with other key words used in these thoughts on building an online community, making something simple is easier said than done. Still, simplicity should be the goal.

  • If our community center – in this case the Smithtown Howler Community Connection – has a messy, cluttered entryway, fewer visitors will come in.
  • If it’s hard to add content or comments, it won’t be well used.
  • If it isn’t easy for our members to find what they’re looking for, they’ll soon quit looking.
  • If we don’t make it simple for them to invite others to join up and chime in, we’ll miss valuable opportunities for growth.

Since much of the desired functionality doesn’t actually exist in one handy place just now, it isn’t possible to point out a single good example of what this connection will look like. The demands of brevity and budget also limit how specific your blogger can get (or will get) at this point.

Hence, just a few suggestions for what would not qualify as simple in this context:

A final bit of advice on the topic: Throw out everything you know about page layout and start over with a clean, blank screen.

If you have examples of what you think are simple, effective, visitor-friendly screens, I’d love to see them.

Thanks for stopping by.

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