LoMediaCos will have to start and nurture conversation

Part 5…

An online community should be interactive in a couple of senses. Appropriate elements, obviously, will react to input from a mouse or keyboard. That’s a given and the most basic definition.

More broadly, the community should be interactive online just as it is in the physical world – the world where people talk to each other face to face, ask and answer questions, voice their opinions.

Since the news/info provider (the local media company, or LoMediaCo in some circles) that establishes the online interaction mechanism is acting as our “host,” it takes on the responsibility of fostering conversation. It will need to get things started and keep the conversation flowing.

It will continue to present news and information and opinions. It will need to solicit feedback more aggressively and from a larger number and variety of community members. The feedback should turn into still more news reports and inspire additional lines of conversation, debate and discovery, one thing leading to another.

Our host will also be expected to entertain us with new games we can play and with contests we can enter. It will support learning by sponsoring and developing activities in cooperation with the educational segment of the community.

It will interact with other social media to become part of the larger online community. It will serve a defined geographic area to be manageable and to provide the best value to local advertisers, but it will recognize that it is part of the larger world, too. (My L.A. brother-in-law is still an Iowa Hawkeye fan and part of that affinity group.)

Keeping this simple will be a neat trick. A few words about that next time. Thank you for being here.

Comments? Suggestions? Feedback welcome.

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