Duck Creek Parkway a quackerjack bike ride with big wow factor

Many sorries for that headline. I just couldn’t help myself.

If you’re interested in finding out what a terrific hard-surfaced recreational trail looks like, go to Davenport, Iowa. Find Emeis Park and follow the Duck Creek Parkway east 12 miles or so to Devils Glen Park in Bettendorf. Go on a bicycle unless you have time to walk the whole thing. You will enjoy it. No question. You’ll use words like “pretty,” “amazing” and “wow.” You might even say something like, “I can’t think of a prettier trail that I’ve been on.” I think I was the one who said that.

More about the parkway in a moment.

It would be interesting to find out some day how Davenport and Bettendorf benefit from having such a facility. There are probably some unquantifiable health benefits to the community from having a terrific place to exercise or just relax and stroll. But are there statistics that show how much the area trails bring in in the form of tourist dollars? How valuable are the trails in terms of attracting workers and employers?

Next time, maybe I’ll actually use the camera I took along. If I can figure out how to do it while pedaling, maybe I’ll even try to live-blog like some journalists are doing from the Democrat thing in Denver or do Twitter updates like Team Slipstream has done recently in the Tour de France and Tour of Portugal.

Just to see if it can be done.

More about the parkway

Duck Creek Parkway was the highlight of a trip with wife and several friends over the weekend. We spent a few hours Saturday pedaling from Moline, near I-74 and the Mississippi River, east-northeast to Cordova and back. That was on the Great River Trail – a pleasant ride itself – 40 miles round trip with the river in view most of that time. (Good eats at It’s on the River in Port Byron.)

Sunday, we started at the same spot but took the Great River Trail west to Rock Island, where we crossed to Davenport via the Arsenal Bridge. There, we caught the Mississippi River Trail into Bettendorf, where it ends at the Isle of Capri Casino. From the casino, we took State Street (Hwy. 67) east to Devil’s Glen Road. A few blocks north on DGR, we found Duck Creek Parkway and rode west to Emeis Park. From there, we made our way to downtown Davenport, crossed the Arsenal Bridge again (where the wife injured her knee and sprained a finger in our only mishap of the trek – on her Trek) and pedaled our way back to Moline. It made for a 30-mile loop and second day in a row of perfect weather.

If anyone comes to Cedar Rapids to bicycle someday and actually says “Wow,” I’d like to hear about it. The trails we have are nice (or will be again once the flood damage is repaired), but Duck Creek was a real treat.

Pedal on.

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