Free-blogging hiatus follows e-mail to Halloran, organ donor encounter

A few quick notes before I swear off uncompensated blogging for a time to concentrate on whatever billable hours are available, finding more business and finishing some long-neglected fiction:

Where’s Rudy?

I’ve been wondering lately where is our Cedar Rapids “Rudy” – the individual who is in charge of inspiring us and leading us out of this water-logged mess we’re in. I did see the NBC story that identified Brian Fagan as the guy in charge and I wondered how he got that job (or if it was an error in the story – there’s a link below).

Then I read a KCRG article this morning headlined Mayor Halloran Speaks Out. Having long ago overcome that part of my shyness that told me to keep my opinions to myself, I wrote her an e-mail and copied some other council members to tell her that staying behind the scenes is a mistake in these circumstances.

Tree of Five Seasons

Tree of Five Seasons

Maybe I’ve missed something, having had a number of distractions in the past few weeks – long-awaited escape to Colorado, long-avoided hernia surgery finally undergone – but I haven’t been impressed with our council’s communication* with the public (“We didn’t cause the flood.” ??)

Even if they’re doing all the right things, which remains to be seen, they need to make things more clear, even about who is in charge. Someone has to be, even if it ultimately costs that individual a seat in the next election.

Easy prediction: Seats will be lost because of the flood anyway. Someone can step up and demonstrate real leadership or watch the floodwaters wash him or her out of office along with some of the others.

Cycle v. motorcycle/organ donor

My wife and I were riding our bicycles down 29th St. the other day, staying to the right rather than taking the whole lane. We signaled we were going to move to the left to go around a parked car, then made that move when we saw an opening. As we came alongside the parked car, a man on a motorcycle came up behind us and decided to pass us on left – even though there was oncoming traffic. (Right to left: Parked car, two cyclists, motorcycle, oncoming cars.) Then he visibly demonstrated his displeasure at having us in his way.

If I’d been driving a car and had passed him the same way he passed us, he’d have screamed bloody murder, and he’d have been right. It would have been stupid and dangerous, just has his driving was stupid and dangerous.

I’ve started looking at helmetless guys on motorcycles as potential organ donors again. I haven’t done that since my late sister needed a new liver and Mickey Mantle got one.

Pedal on.

* Full disclosure: I applied for the City Hall position of Communications Liaison several weeks ago and was not selected for an interview. No hard feelings. I offer advice free this time.

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  1. 1 buzzy3 July 10, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    not being able do straighten out that motorcyclist is pretty frustrating. I will put this story in my brain, to be recalled anytime I have to ride on a busy street.

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