Getting away for a few days, into thinner air

Frisco to Keystone

The Mrs. and I count ourselves most fortunate to have been able to go through with our long-planned cycling getaway to Summit County, Colo., for the past several days, during which:

  • We read with interest a story in the local newspaper about a Marion, Iowa, couple who were spending some time with friends in Vail. (As wide as the river got, maybe it did seem to some like Marion is just across the Cedar River from Cedar Rapids…. OK, while the reporter may have missed on the geography a bit, the story seemed very familiar.)
  • We read another story about an Aspen woman who wants a separate park there just for small doggies like hers so the big doggies won’t bother them. (Is the air maybe getting a little too thin out there? Someone official was actually looking for suitable properties while another said the little doggie’s owner should be caged.)
  • We mourned the loss of the great George Carlin and recited the “7 Words” in his honor. (Now that I think about it, that was me and a friend saying the Forbidden Seven; I don’t think the Mrs. has them memorized as well as I do, at least not in the right order.)
  • The air seemed a little more substantial and easier to breathe than it was at this time last year at 9,092 feet. Maybe it was just my imagination.
  • We had more fun than felt quite right at times.

More about survivor guilt next time maybe.

Pedal on.

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