Cycle in good times and bad

Cycling in Iowa

Mark Wyatt noted on his Iowa Bike Blog that flood conditions prompted the University of Iowa to suggest walking or bicycling to help alleviate traffic problems. Seems like a great idea, as long as the motorists who are out and about do their part to avoid colliding with the walkers and cyclists.

Here’s to promoting those venerable old forms of transportation even in non-emergency, non-flood situations.

Full disclosure: I’m a member of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition that Mark so ably executive directs. Not that I see anything controversial about promoting bicycling, but I thought I’d mention it. Anybody see a reason not to ride a bicycle to work or class? (Just stay off of I-80 and I-380, which should go without saying. See article links just below.)

P.S. I may return to the “chaos” and social media discussion at some point. Then again, maybe not.

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