Followed by amazon — and some motorists would like to kill me

an historic night for america

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I’ve been caught up in the clutter again somehow. Herewith some notes about recent explorations:

A few weeks ago I started following Barack Obama on twitter and he quickly turned right around, busy as he was, and started following me. I thought that was kind of cool, being followed by quite possibly the next POTUS. I followed a few friends and relations, too, then quick twittering for a while. Tonight, I decided to follow a few cedarrapidians whose descriptions sounded interesting in one way or another and I sat back to see what would happen.

Within 30 minutes I was being followed by amazon_com for some reason. Curious, I bit, at least enough to see who else might be on their list (2,427 stalkees) and how many were following amazon_com in return (43). Not wanting to be #44 getting ads every day, I decided to block this following thing, but not until I checked to see what it wanted me to buy: A bunch of books and DVDs to help me celebrate Gay Pride Month. Um, does amazon_com know something I don’t?

I also spent some time searching through facebook to see what I could learn about banks and credit unions and how they’re using or trying to use social media. (MySpace is next in that particular quest for knowledge.) Not many of them are doing anything, as it turns out, other than posting their URLs. There are probably more anti-Bank-of-America groups and pages than there are groups/pages set up by banks themselves.

Finally, I set up a “Bike Lane Friday” group in facebook (ditto in MySpace) and started joining other cycling-related groups to see if there might be some cross-pollination benefits. (It’s possible I’ve been reading too much about viral marketing lately, or simply have too much time on my hands. Jury is still out.) I didn’t keep an actual count, but it’s safe to say the cycling advocates are way, way outnumbered by the “keep that bicycle out of my way or I’ll run you over, jerk” types. Scary people are on the loose out there driving big cars and SUVs at high speeds. Some not only want cyclists off the roads, they would like us dead.

No doubt they would cheer at the sight of this from Fox News. Thanks to the Riletts for sending it along to me.

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