In search of cycling photos and Danica Patrick

Picture of Danica Patrick at the 2006 Indianapolis 500.

Image via Wikipedia

Straying for a bit from my original intent in setting up this blog (I seemed to be the only one in my “community” who didn’t have a blog at the time), I thought I would throw a few syllables out about one of my favorite activities — bicycling.

Among other reasons, I want to see what Zemanta will suggest for illustrations and related articles. Z-ta, as I’ve seen it called somewhere, relies heavily on Wikipedia for its “Gallery” of photos and graphics. (If I had the time right now, I would investigate to find out just who the hell are the Sorell twins and what that shower scene is all about and why are they on Wikipedia.) A casual survey of the illustrations Z-ta suggests seems to indicate that there is a dearth of freely available artwork out there in the Wild World Web. Most of them seem to be labeled something like “license unknown, so go check it for yourself” and the indefinite “may be fair use” but then again may not be.

So far in the writing of this post, Z-ta has suggested not a single picture of a bicycle but a healthy assortment of articles and bloggings about Zemanta. Of about 50 suggestions for me in the Gallery so far, I can figure out the connection between my post and only three or four of the pictures.

Last try for the night, since she represents the company (Go-Daddy) that powers my websites: Z-ta, show me a picture (one that I can use without getting sued and without checking myself) of Danica Patrick! (Clicking for an update….)

Bingo! If you squint real hard you can see her behind the wheel (I think). And a few bicycles finally showed up, too!

More about bicycling another time, maybe. Pedal on.

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