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There’s talk lately that content is no longer king, that context now sits on the high throne of the Web 2.0 or greater. Interesting concept, but context doesn’t exist without content, so the two can’t really be separated in a meaningful way. I’d like to submit that what really rules, to stay in metaphor, is value.

Someone has to care about or in some way be willing to pay for the content (in context or otherwise) or be able to act on or make use of the content for it to be of any real value.

One challenge with all of the fascinating information that floats aimlessly about us is putting it in context, yes, but it also has to be easily accessible to those who want it or need it for it to have value.


Well I haven’t come up with an overly compelling reason to Twitter on a regular basis, but I probably won’t stop altogether as I indicated I might in my note the other day. Sarah passed along the story of how student James Karl Buck used that “micro-blogging tool” to let his university know he’d been arrested in Egypt. I will now have to learn how to micro-blog from my cell phone.

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3 Responses to “Value rules”

  1. 1 Chuck Peters May 2, 2008 at 6:50 am

    Bernie –

    Thanks for joining the “context” discussion. I like your concept of “value”. What is that information, in context, that strengthens and informs a community, and how to we make it so accessible that anyone can engage an any time from any device, or piece of paper?


  2. 2 bjsmith May 2, 2008 at 9:20 am

    One example, Chuck, which might not involve paper except I think that’s where I caught the first bit of information: I read a story somewhere about the New Bohemia District in Cedar Rapids and it mentioned all the great little businesses on Third St., albeit without much detail. I imagine I could get the online story if I looked hard enough. Would I be able to drill down to find a list of those businesses, what they offer that might interest me or that I might find rewarding or entertaining (value)? Likely not at this point. The world awaits the fulfillment of your Lucy concept.

  3. 3 Chuck Peters May 3, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Bernie –
    Your New Bohemia example is right on point. However, the only way I found it was to go back to your blog, and look at comments.

    So, even this relevant and valuable conversation is hard to put into context. A wiki format, where the context and content can be augmented by the community, seems much more valuable. I am going to focus on that for awhile, while you come up with the engaging and attractive name for LIU!


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